A well run cafeteria is essential for a properly functioning learning institution. The old saying that, “an army marches on its stomach” is completely fitting for all kinds of learning institutions. An essential part of having an efficient and operational cafeteria or multipurpose room is to have durable, reliable and functional cafeteria tables. We can provide a large variety of cafeteria tables to meet a wide range of needs and budgetary requirements. Available are various styles including convenient “Fold-N-Roll” tables in shapes including round, rectangular, octagon, and square as well as in-wall tables. Sierra School Equipment Company can create “food court” applications incorporating traffic flow, food carts, booth seating, and appealing murals and artwork to create an uplifting atmosphere and increased revenues for food services. For multipurpose rooms, we can provide podiums, folding chairs, portable stages, draperies and more.

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