Sierra School Equipment is proud to offer a thoughtful array of ergonomic accessories that are well suited for the modern office environment. Great, high-quality ergonomic accessories, such as adjustable keyboard platforms, LED task lighting and monitor arms, can make a substantial difference in the productivity of everyone in your organization. Adjustable keyboard mechanisms are great for reducing stress on necks and are beneficial in helping to reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

Adjustable monitor arms can help increase productivity, as they allow for the easy adjustment and repositioning of monitors. This can aid employees and workers to reduce their eye-fatigue and neck strain as well as help them utilize their desk space in a more effective fashion. Likewise, we also offer adjustable height work centers and keyboard platforms.

Sierra School Equipment’s ergonomic accessories are geared towards making your life easier and more productive. While the right desks and chairs are essential for a productive work environment, the same most certainly holds true for selecting the right ergonomic accessories.

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