Training rooms need to be versatile so that they can adapt to a range of different applications. We at Sierra School Equipment have kept this fact firmly fixed in our minds with our training room furniture. As a result, we are able to offer items specifically designed to meet a range of different training needs and requirements.

Some of the different and highly-functional options that we have available include durable and comfortable stacking, folding, or mobile chairs. Tables are modular, mobile, folding or portable to configure a room in a variety of ways to form a U-shaped table, one (1) large rectangular table and classroom style where everyone faces forward. Customizations include: tops which can be flipped for storage, nesting tables and chairs, and furniture with built-in power and data.

Our training room furniture is designed to give you a wide-range of choices. For example, we can offer many different color bases and laminate finishes so that you are ensured training room furniture that is perfect for your own unique learning environment. We can also provide the presentation tools you need including easels, visual boards and lecterns.

Meeting your price point and offering highly durable training room furniture is our goal. We realize that your training room furniture must be durable and may need to be moved or stored away. When you select the best furniture for your training room environments, it greatly assists with improved learning and collaboration.

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