Our designs are customized to each of our client’s diverse requirements. We focus on a free flow of communication with clients throughout the design process in order to maximize our understanding and scope of the project at hand. When it comes to space planning, our goal is to create a highly effective and ergonomic environment. Whether you are furnishing a new school, a new science lab or your new or existing office needs furniture, we will always provide the optimal results at your specified budget. We will guide you through various issues, such as the coordination of electrical and data connections and color selection. During the design process, we present our clients with a well-conceived and functional layout. At this stage, we use plan views and 3D drawings for conceptual and organizational purposes. Our catalog features an array of diverse options from trusted manufacturers that can meet your exact needs.


Our decades of experience are certainly evident in every aspect of installation. From the removal of your old and unneeded items to move in day, our clients can depend on us to follow through with all promises and help when things need to be modified. In short, we do not just leave once everything shows up. Instead our clients can depend on us to assist in a variety of essential ways, as we anticipate and meet all of their needs. Our focus on customer service means working within a set timeframe, and coordinating installation that is convenient for our clients and their business. Sierra School Equipment Company believes in turnkey operations. When we leave a job, everything is complete, clean, and as promised.


At Sierra we have the capability to restore historic and existing fixed seating and furniture. Whether you are a historic building looking to maintain the historic appearance of your furniture or looking to stay within budget, Sierra has the ability to take your existing furniture and bring it back to life. We have the ability to restore a wide range of furniture including fixed seating, library furniture, office furniture, and several other types of furniture that you are not willing to let go! For clients looking to restore existing furniture we have the ability to provide a mock-up before you pull the trigger on the project!

Project Managment

Once the design stage is completed, we move into the project management phase. Our team will work closely with you to establish a convenient time schedule for the installation. You will have direct access to sales and customer service representatives to help with every aspect of project management. These aspects include processing all materials for products required shown in the design phase for production, removal of existing furniture, storage options, and installation of new furniture and equipment. Once everything is installed, we can assist you with any changes or modifications that may be needed. We endeavor to make your life easier and to keep the entire process moving efficiently and worry free. Our goal is nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

Ongoing Support

At the core of our philosophy is ongoing support. It is this dedication to our clients that helps earn much of our repeat business. After completing your project with Sierra School Equipment Company, ongoing maintenance is available. We have strong relationships with the manufacturers that we work with, and can adeptly oversee fixes for anything that needs maintenance or servicing. Our team is a phone call away, and is prepared to respond quickly to ensure all equipment is analyzed and repaired without interrupting your business. We are client driven and only offer dependable products that come with warranties and are built to last. Additionally, we thoroughly inspect all systems and perform in-service training to teach our clients how to properly operate and maintain their equipment.

Ongoing Support
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